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SkinsBook is a universal platform that analyzes prices on the skins market. Its specifics include skins from CS2, Rust, and Dota 2 items, which significantly expands trading opportunities. The main asset of this service is a specially designed algorithm that can spot price manipulation on the item on markets.

Thus, the service can help you both save and earn money, but let’s look at its work in more detail.

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How Does a Skin Market Analyst SkinsBook Work?

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In order to access other functions of the service, you need to log into your Steam account. To log into your Steam account, you need to enter your login and password and, if necessary, confirm your login through the mobile application. That is necessary to identify the user and available functions of the account.

Explore in-depth skin market analysis with SkinsBook

Why Choose SkinsBook as an Alternative to Steamanalyst

Despite the fact that SkinsBook and SteamAnalyst are used for the same thing, they have quite noticeable differences. After all, there is no point in not using the old extensive service if there is a new, more progressive one. Here can be drawn an analogy with games. SkinsBook is like a new and improved version of the series with a more convenient design, new features, and additional functions.

Explore the world of Skin Prices with SkinsBook!

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Skin Price Accuracy

SteamAnalyst only shows the price of the most recent transactions, while SkinsBook shows the highest and lowest price per item transaction. That allows SkinsBook to price more accurately, which will help the trader make profits in the long run. In addition, a complete history of product transactions on all trading platforms is also available there.

Market Trend Analysis

The market trend analysis system on SkinsBook works much better than on SteamAnalyst. The first items displayed in the skin search list will always have the highest tendency to sell in terms of profit. Thanks to this, it is much easier for you to find a target for trading and consider offers on the market.

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User Interface and Usability

If we talk about the visuals, the obvious winner here is Doymen. After all, the interface of Stimanalitsta looks in the style of Windows 1998. All functions are hidden, and the user must find the functions he needs at random. That causes inconvenience in using the service.

On Domain, all the necessary functions are always at your fingertips, and each of them has a description of what it is intended for. It is especially useful for beginners who are just getting into the subject of trading.

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Mobile Compatibility

SkinsBook's website is optimized for use on a mobile phone. All functionality of the service is also available for use from a mobile phone or tablet. That makes it convenient to use and allows you to trade without being directly in front of your PC. That gives you the opportunity to buy and sell skins while being outside. Monitoring prices is a great thing, but those who are just starting to understand the topic of skins need to know what their cost depends on.

Factors Affecting CS2 Skin Prices

Skins, like any product on any market, have their own qualities by which their value is calculated. There are situations when skins of the same quality look almost the same, but the difference in price is huge. In this section, you will learn about the factors that affect the price of CS2 skins:

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Skin Rarity and Demand

The system for getting skins in CS2 is quite simple. There are more ordinary skins that drop out in 85% of cases, and there are those that have a one-in-a-million chance of dropping out. Accordingly, the number of rare lots on trading platforms is much less than ordinary ones. That creates a price difference.

The situation turns out to be that there are few skins of a rare type on the market, but there are many users desiring to have it. This inequality generates consumer demand, which inevitably leads to an increase in the price of the item.

Exterior Wear and Condition

Each weapon skin in the game has its own wear type. In CS2, the type of wear varies as follows: Factory New (best condition), Minimal wear, Field-tested, Well-worn, and Battle-scarred (worst condition). That characteristic determines whether there will be damaged elements on the skin, which in most cases leads to a decrease in value.

In addition to the wear indicator, there is also a skin pattern. That is a numerical indicator from 1 to 999, where each number indicates the form in which the skin was applied to the weapon. That affects the appearance of the skin, and some patterns can give the skin unique details that are hidden from others.

Historical Price Trends

Some skins may not have a unique coloring but can be very valuable because they are tied to famous events in the world of Counter-Strike. For example, souvenir skins for weapons from the legendary matches of the 2014 major or the scandalous Howl skin for M4A4.

For example, souvenir skins from Cobblestone boxes. Since the map has long been removed from the competitive pool, matches of professional teams are no longer held on it, and Cobblestone souvenir boxes can no longer be obtained. Therefore, the price of skins from this collection is constantly growing.

Market Dynamics

Market dynamics also affect the cost of skins. When one product becomes cheaper, the price of another increases. This feature is typical in any market environment. A skin may cost one sum upon release, but a month later, it will cost much less. It's all about liquidity and consumer demand.

Developer Updates and Patches

The developers are constantly updating the game, and this changes the meta. Some types of weapons are improved, and others are nerfed. That, of course, affects the cost of skins for these weapons. For example, after improving the characteristics of M4A1-S, prices for its skins increased by 10-17%. Weapons began to be used more often in the game, and the demand for skins increased.

SkinsBook analyzes and takes into account all of the above variables to determine a fair price. Even more, it protects against price manipulation in the market.

Sticker Search

Coming soon

SkinsBook introduces the Sticker Search feature, revolutionizing how you engage with skin trading. This innovative tool lets users pinpoint items bearing their selected stickers, effortlessly connecting them with SkinsBook's community and various online markets. Here's why Sticker Search is a game-changer:

Efficient and Focused Discovery: Sticker Search streamlines your hunt for specific sticker-adorned items. Enter your desired sticker, and the tool surfaces items that match your criteria across our community and other trading platforms.

Expansive Market Access: This feature isn't confined to SkinsBook alone; it taps into a wide array of online markets, broadening your scope and opportunities in trading.

Factors Affecting CS2 Skin Prices

SkinsBook pricing occurs in a precisely defined algorithm that analyzes the market and different trading platforms. But these are only the basic capabilities of the service. You can improve your experience of using the site and open access to new opportunities by signing up for a subscription plan.

That will give you full access to real-time pricing data on more than twenty trading platforms. There is also a guarantee of protection against market manipulation, access to additional data about the skin, and up-to-date parsing of items. Even with a monthly plan, you can maximize the effectiveness of your trading and get a good profit.

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Wrapping It Up!

SkinsBook is an advanced service for analyzing the skins market. Possessing considerable functionality, it is an indispensable tool in trading. It provides unique features to its users, such as accurate pricing, protection against price manipulation, and access to an extensive database. Try this service, and your trading experience will become better and more profitable.


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